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Billythebrick Cosplay

I’ve decided to take a bit of a leap and start a new business of sorts–Billythebrick Cosplay! It has its own site along with a Facebook page and a store at both StoreEnvy and Etsy. I’ll be making and selling props of my own choosing and design as well as doing custom commissions.

2016-09-04-23-13Right now I have STL files, raw resin castings, and fully finished Voltron Legendary Defender bayards. I love this new cartoon so much. It’s a perfect blend of modern and retro.

preachercan-finishedI also have a custom commission I did up for sale now–the coffee can from PreacherPreacher is, in my opinion, the best comic to screen adaptation, so it was a real joy to work on this. It was commissioned as a birthday gift for someone who, I’ve been told, was absolutely thrilled by it.

Who Would I Be, If You Hadn’t Died?

A couple of days ago, I wrote what is probably the most personal article I’ve written for I wanted to share it with anyone who may come by here as well.

WhoWouldIBe-FeaturedOn Saturday morning, I woke up, saw nothing of major consequence on my news feed and headed out to my rowing class. When I got home, I popped open my news feed and saw the news of yet another famous, inspiring, and influential person dying thanks to cancer. (Thank you and rest in peace, Mr. Cooke. F#$k you, cancer.) As I hopped into the shower, I started thinking about how much cancer has impacted my own life and the geek, man, and father I am thanks to my dad.

Visit GeekDad to read the rest.

Start Over!

So my site bit the dust the night I landed in Atlanta for DragonCon. Needless to say, I was in no place or shape to try to fix it. Now that I’m finally back, the easiest way for me to get my site functional was to just install WordPress and get it live again versus throwing a hard error.

I’m going to work on getting all my old entries ported over. Hopefully that won’t be too ridiculously hard to do.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with my favorite photo from DragonCon this past weekend.

2015-09-05 13.05.40